chewing fingernails and her shit-eating grin (mossharts) wrote in belle_lurette,
chewing fingernails and her shit-eating grin

one wallpaper

i just want to keep this place active tbh

marion cotillard
1280x800 [download] [with text]*
font - levi brush + aachen bold
lyrics - the eyes of mars by franz ferdinand ft. marion cotillard
textures - blueymcphluey,, colordrop, deviant art (if you want specifics i'll have to check the file name, but i will add them later)
brushes -
images -

*the text version is unfinished and gross tbh, i'd recommend the final version, i hate text so much lol
i also need to learn how to work with lighter canvases

watch for updates; personal use only + please don't repost; i guess i can resize; comments/concrit v. much appreciated
Tags: *wallpaper, act: marion cotillard
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